Thursday, March 2, 2017

At the moment Ecological Space Engineering is busy with a project that involves building a V2 rocket, well... actually it will be a missile that has the potential to bioremediate.

These first ballistic rockets were about fourteen meters in length and the next generations changed our approach of researching Earth, weather, planets and galaxies and they have been also important for communication, defence and many more things.

The Missile will be a Symbol for the state of the world, it reflects on the ecological crisis, technology, war and the role of human beings.

The Missile will be built from wood, hemp textile, and clay, inside are seeds, spores, minerals, water and fertilisers stored. The project is being developed under the fictitious company Ecological Space Engineering which is founded by me and engaged in speculative design to improve the quality of life on earth.

This project will be initiated in Romania and when the Bioremediating Missile will be finished in spring 2018 it shall be transported with stops over/through Hungary, Austria, Germany to the Netherlands and during these stops it will visit international Art exhibitions.